Brock Zeman


With nine-albums to his name and a few hundred live performances every year for almost a decade, singer-songwriter Brock Zeman is well-established as one of the Ottawa Valley’s hardest working musicians. All of this before the age of 30.  He’s also highly regarded, having earned praise from critics across the country. Exclaim! magazine says Zeman “is a songwriter worth hearing over and over again,” CKUA hails Zeman’s work as “intelligent, tuneful, heart-felt songs served up with an authentic but understated style” and the KW Record says that “Zeman doesn’t surrender an inch to any Texas singer/songwriter you care to name. Closer to home, he has the chops to join the likes of Fred Eaglesmith on the lonesome outskirts of town after the street lights come on.”

Zeman has also played on stage with some of the top talent of the contemporary roots and Americana scenes, including Steve Earle, Lynn Miles, Fred Eaglesmith, Blue Rodeo, Corb Lund, Toby Keith, Prairie Oyster and the Rodeo Kings, to name a select few.

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Brock Zeman Live At The Acoustic Grill Album
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Recorded Live at The Acoustic Grill

The Thanks and Stuff

"I don't like Brock Zeman.. I love the guy! He is brilliant in the way he can paint a picture in your mind with the words he writes. I can clearly see Houdini dancing in the rain in the song "Oh Me, Oh My" or the girl lying in bed awaiting his return in "Put Your Foot down". He sings from the heart and his writing is beyong his years. From the first time I heard his music to seeing him live, I have always believed he is the epitome of cool."

Thanks to the people who come out and support The Acoustic Grill and independant musicians. Thanks to Arthur Guinnes. Thanks to the two coolest kids in the world...Drexel and Georgia. Thanks to my awesome staff at the grill and of course, thanks to the boss.... Jenny Leigh. Cheers!


Thanks to the staff and the loyal listeners of The Acoustic Grill. Not to mention Brent Bodrug, who did a great job recording this and was far too easy to work with. I'm still looking for the catch. Many thanks as well to the boys in the band; Dan Walsh and Blair Hogan. Two true road warriors!

I tried to cram as many new tunes onto this recording as was possible for the die-hard's. you know who you are. I hope you like it, and we'll see you on the road.

Brock Zeman

Brock Zeman - Acoustic Guitar/Vocals

Dan Walsh - Lead Guitar/Vocals

Blair Hogan - Bass/Vocals

Brent Bodrug - The Man Behind The Board

Steve Purtelle - The Man Behind The Bar

Playing Live at The Acoustic Grill on:

One of the finest songwriters to ever play our stage. Brock recorded a cd at the grill. He has recorded 10 cd’s in his very young career. A MUST SEE! Tickets $10